In 1986 the Orza family armed only with dreams, hopes and a long-lasting apprenticeship began its adventure in the world of tailor-made luxury dress shirts. Since then the years have passed, but the desire and creativity are still as strong as ever. Over the course of the years the Montesaro brand has gained a growing number of clients attracted by our collection and the impeccable fit of the hand-cut dress shirts in the centuries-old tradition. The Montesaro dress shirt is not simply a piece of clothing but a metaphorical casket in which the traditions handed down by the old master shirt makers of Naples are enshrined.
The style and fit of the shirts are cared for with the utmost attention and the selection of fabrics comes from the finest Italian companies such as Riva, Ferno, Testa, Canclini and many others, with centuries-old histories in the production of shirting fabrics.
Furthermore, the skilled hands of diligent stitchers embellish the shirts adding handmade finishing touches such as the buttonholes, the armhole, the yokes, the collar, the cuffs, the sleeve plackets, and the placket. Select buttons of Australian mother pearls attached in keeping with the old Neapolitan tradition (zampa di gallina).
Neapolitan tailoring is imagination and elegance, a true legend, unique in its style, recognizable by the care of small details. It is unique because it combines perfect handmade craftsmanship by Neapolitan hands and minds with a recognizable style which recovers the elegance of the early twentieth century Neapolitan dandy. The mission of Montesaro is to be a small company of excellence in order to keep tailor-made shirts a privilege of the few. By remaining a niche we can ensure the high quality and excellent service of customized dress shirts.